I get it, wearing 5-inch platforms and Siouxsie Sioux eyeliner to Whole Foods is cool. You want to stay true to yourself as the chic goth babe that you are, even when you're browsing around for orange juice and Twizzlers. Running into the convenience store for a quick snack? You wouldn't be caught dead without your O-ring choker and vegan leather harness. Meeting up with some friends at Waffle House? They're going to have to wait; you can't find your other fishnet stocking AND your lipstick's bleeding. 

Establishing a style that is both fashionable and comfortable, especially for those on the darker side, can feel impossible. You don't want to feel bland when you throw on the ol’ black crop top/joggers combo for a casual Sunday afternoon; you want to feel just as sleek and alluring as you do when you pull out all the stops for a concert or date. Finding a brand that is fashionable, comfortable, dark, AND inclusive can feel even more impossible. Ever scrolled through the social media of a goth/alt brand without being bombarded by Eurocentric beauty standards? Attempting to fit into a scene that idealizes a restrictive look, where the quintessential beauty is Morticia Addams but you look more like FKA Twigs or Grace Jones, can feel pointless. Although seldom mentioned, unconventional, stunning people of color have existed in goth/alt scenes for decades (see: Justin Warfield of She Wants Revenge, Tobi O'Kandi of O Children, Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex). Hell, even The Weeknd sampled Cocteau Twins! 

Three of Swords was created with two things in mind: the importance of comfort while maintaining a unique look and the value of alternative people of color. It doesn't take pale skin and a lace corset to look supernatural and sexy. Together, let's show off the beauty of a bewitching, modern aesthetic. 

Catch me in my Drab Majesty joggers and a face mask,
Faux polaroid of Anya Gibson, the store owner. Anya is wearing a black crop top and black joggers that feature a graphic from the band Drab Majesty.