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Three of Swords, Reversed

  • Big in Japan: How Anime Inspired Our Latest Drop

    Your fyp won’t shut up about the new One Piece adaptation, your mom just asked what’s a Miku, and you hope you don’t run into your ex at the next anime con. Those big and bright shows from Japan are here to stay, but what do they have to do with Collection IX: Midori?
  • Revolution 9: Nine Alt Faves for AAPI Heritage Month

    We’re back & we’re better than ever. For May, we’re shining a spotlight on 9 bizarre & beautiful AAPI creators & creations, including a few that inspired our most recent collection!
  • “You are the despised of the earth.” - 4 Halloween-Ready Horror Flicks Featuring Leads of Color

    From brooding Iranian vampires to preteen Japanese psychics, you’ll find nothing but horror icons here. Check out these 4 diverse, blood-curdling films now, just in time for October 31st! 

  • 5 Reasons Why Folk Horror Reigns Supreme (& 5 Films to Prove It)

    Folk horror steps on your favorite horror subgenre and crushes it into the ground. Take a look inside to find out why.
  • O Unholy Earth: A Story Told in Pictures

    From infamous televangelists to lo-fi R&B musicians, discover the inspiration behind each Collection VI piece. 
  • Noisy, Bloody, & Ready: Highlighting 6 Genre-Defying Black Musicians

    Highlighting 6 awe-inspiring and crazy talented alternative Black musicians during this year’s Black History Month.
  • Christmas Time is Buzzing in My Skull: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

    Still shopping for last minute holiday gifts? Check out these 4 POC-owned goth/alt brands for the perfect present!
  • "Only pain and suffering will make you realize who you are." - 4 POC-Led Horror Films for Halloween

    It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for a scary movie marathon! Give the classics a rest, and check out these 4 diverse flicks instead, ranging from j-horror to art horror.
  • Mother Russia: A Story Told in Pictures

    From paranormal television to 90's animated villains, discover the inspiration behind each Collection V piece. Features personal sketches, childhood memories, and personal takes on numerous strange & unusual topics!
  • Someone Must Get Hurt: Kink in Popular & Underground Media

    What do a 60's Japanese film, an American post-punk revival band, and a fictional businessman all have in common? Answer: our latest collection. Peep inside to find out how!
  • Just Like Heaven: A Valentine's Day Playlist

    Working on a mixtape for that special someone? Give the classics a rest, and delve into some romantic tracks that are a little more unconventional. Featuring Beach House, Depeche Mode, Karen O, & more.
  • Liberated State x Three of Swords Collaboration: A Story Told in Pictures.

    Peek behind the curtain and take a look at how we brought our collection to life, featuring behind-the-scenes photos and thoughts.