Three of Swords, Reversed

  • O Unholy Earth: A Story Told in Pictures

    From infamous televangelists to lo-fi R&B musicians, discover the inspiration behind each Collection VI piece. 
  • Noisy, Bloody, & Ready: Highlighting 6 Genre-Defying Black Musicians

    Highlighting 6 awe-inspiring and crazy talented alternative Black musicians during this year’s Black History Month.
  • Christmas Time is Buzzing in My Skull: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

    Still shopping for last minute holiday gifts? Check out these 4 POC-owned goth/alt brands for the perfect present!
  • "Only pain and suffering will make you realize who you are." - 4 POC-Led Horror Films for Halloween

    It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for a scary movie marathon! Give the classics a rest, and check out these 4 diverse flicks instead, ranging from j-horror to art horror.
  • Mother Russia: A Story Told in Pictures

    From paranormal television to 90's animated villains, discover the inspiration behind each Collection V piece. Features personal sketches, childhood memories, and personal takes on numerous strange & unusual topics!
  • Someone Must Get Hurt: Kink in Popular & Underground Media

    What do a 60's Japanese film, an American post-punk revival band, and a fictional businessman all have in common? Answer: our latest collection. Peep inside to find out how!
  • Just Like Heaven: A Valentine's Day Playlist

    Working on a mixtape for that special someone? Give the classics a rest, and delve into some romantic tracks that are a little more unconventional. Featuring Beach House, Depeche Mode, Karen O, & more.
  • Liberated State x Three of Swords Collaboration: A Story Told in Pictures.

    Peek behind the curtain and take a look at how we brought our collection to life, featuring behind-the-scenes photos and thoughts.
  • “If you wish to see strange things, I have the power to show them to you.”

    It's finally October, which means it's time to pop in your scariest flicks. 4 Halloween-ready film recommendations, all featuring leads of color.
  • The End of an Era.

    It all returns to nothing, it all comes


    How did launching a clothing brand at the beginning of a pandemic feel, and how does it feel now that the first collection is coming to a close? Good questions with decent answers inside. 

  • We Goths Don't Sweat, We Simmer.

    It's June, which means your friendly neighborhood goth is roasting. Time to rack up some summer-ready clothes & accessories, all from goth/alt black-owned businesses!
  • I Think I Saw You in My Quarantine Dreams.

    Looking for some unique activities & recommendations while quarantining? Look no further.