Sing a hymn to the harvest.

Under the soil and between the trees, it’s been waiting for you.

Inspired by folk horror, 18th century New England theology, & black metal,

bow to Mother Nature’s will and delve into this season’s bold, macabre tops & bottoms below.

Image of black and white crop top that features a bold, gothic graphic of a distorted woman posing and text that says “A Woman Is:” and various bullet points.

A Woman Is… Crop Top


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Black and red gothic long sleeve featuring an all-over print of three distorted witches on the front, back, and sleeves.

Angel Blake Long Sleeve


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Back of black and white gothic unisex hoodie with distorted images of angels, barbed wire, and text inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, all along the front, back, and sleeves.

Divine Substance Hoodie


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Black and white unisex muscle tank featuring a distorted image of an angel and warped text invoking biblical passages.

Divine Substance Muscle Tank


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Black and white unisex long sleeve featuring black metal-inspired text and a distorted, gothic graphic of a woman praying and the Three of Swords logo along the front and sleeves.

Many Hands Long Sleeve Tee


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Black and white unisex muscle tank featuring cursive and bold text and images of wildflowers, barbed wire, and 4 different pictures of women and horses taken from vintage magazines.

I am the Master Muscle Tank


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Pair of black and white biker shorts featuring distorted, black metal-inspired text along the waist and medieval gothic-inspired text along both thighs.

Witchfinder Biker Shorts


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From the goth the great outdoors.

No chains to trip over, no corsets to lace up, no latex to shimmy out of.

Stylishly chic & unconventionally macabre apparel that fits any vibe and any occasion.

Comfort and inclusivity above all.