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Collection Nine: Midori


 Images of vintage anime film Belladonna of Sadness, a black and white photo of two Japanese school students, a quote from anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and medieval gothic inspired black text that says SWORDS.

Images of vintage pink and black poster of Japanese cult classic film House and one old photograph of a Japanese female student and male Japanese soldier sitting down.


Image of screenshot of musician FKA twigs’ music video, alternative zine scan of vintage visual kei musicians, and stylized black text that says SEEN THIS ANGEL? and MMXXIII.


Image of drawing of black skeletal figure with long horns, photo of alternative black model with blonde hair and white contacts, and stylized black gothic text that says GIRL IS GOD.


4 images of alternative musician Yves Tumor, vintage anime film Vampire Hunter D, photo of alternative Asian model with facial piercings and makeup, and photo of red and white raw meat.


Bold black text that says INDECENT GIRL paired with an image of a shy schoolgirl from a vintage anime.


Handwritten black text that says ALBUMS ON ROTATION with album covers from musicians Ice Spice, Mareux, Yves Tumor, Clan of Xymox, Lana Del Rey, The Cure, and SZA.