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Just Like Heaven: A Valentine's Day Playlist

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Valentine's Day playlists are usually garbage. Around...75% of them blow. Now, let me lay out a disclaimer before I start delving into a pretentious rant: I have NO issue whatsoever when it comes to saccharine tunes, celebrating one's love for another, or reveling in the ooey gooey goodness that is February 14th. I may binge true crime docs, stomp around in platforms, and blast shitty witch house on the regular, but even I can be a little sappy! I've teared up at the Dawn commercial with the ducklings in oil, so when I say sappy...I really mean it.

When it comes to what Valentine's Day represents: love, passion, adoration, and the celebration of all three, I'm 100% here for it! Being in love and loving others is what life's about. Plus, when you really think about it, a holiday that features blood red roses, declarations of desire and devotion, and late night trysts...isn't that a goth's dream? I literally just described the lovemaking scene between Lestat & Akasha, so I can back up my claim. Don't clock me.

What I'm 100% NOT here for is a mediocre rehashing of the same 30 love songs every year. There are some undeniable classics that must be mentioned: "My Girl" by The Temptations, "I Will Follow You into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie, "Cupid" by Sam Cooke, etc. All incredible, and all deserving of being on every Valentine's Day playlist until the end of time. They're grand, and we continue to mention them for countless reasons, but ya girl needs some originality! Where's the spice, y'all??? Instead of referencing "Kiss Me" and "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for the 15th year in a row, what about a love song from some obscure Bulgarian post-punk duet on Bandcamp? Remember the Tumblr fandom days, when people would make playlists based off of their favorite ships? Those were amazing!

*The best tracks always came from Dean/Castiel and Hannibal/Will playlists. This is objective fact.

Fortunately, if you're looking for some loving tunes that are just off the beaten path, you've come to the right place. All of these tracks are equally romantic and melancholy, just like we like them. Your spooky lover will thank you!



Artist: Chelsea Wolfe
Album: Apokalypsis
Genre: Folk, doom, alt singer-songwriter
Year: 2011

Most romantic lyric: "We could be two straight lines in a crooked world."


Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Black Celebration
Genre: Synthpop
Year: 1986

Most romantic lyric: "Take my hand / Come back to the land / Where everything's ours / For a few hours / Let me see you stripped down to the bone"


Artist: Beach House
Album: Depression Cherry
Genre: Dream pop
Year: 2015

Most romantic lyric: "Somewhere in these eyes / I’m on your side / You wide-eyed girls / You get it right"


Artist: Washed Out
Album: Life of Leisure
Genre: Chillwave
Year: 2009

Most romantic lyric: "You feel it all around yourself / You know it's yours and no one else / You feel the thought of love again / It's all alright"


Artist: The Cranberries
Album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Genre: Alt rock
Year: 1993

Most romantic lyric: "You know I'm such a fool for you / You got me wrapped around your finger / Do you have to let it linger? / Do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger?"


Artist: Mac Demarco
Album: 2
Genre: Indie rock, lo-fi, folk rock
Year: 2012

Most romantic lyric: "You're my, my, my, my kind of woman / My, oh my, what a girl / You're my, my, my, my kind of woman / And I'm down on my hands and knees / Begging you please, baby, to show me your world"


Artist: Karen O
Album: Crush Songs
Genre: Indie rock, lo-fi
Year: 2014

Most romantic lyric: "Off went the switch / Love is soft / Love's a fucking bitch / Do I really need / Another habit like you / I really need / Do you need me too / I believe, it's gonna leave me blue"


Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: Forgiveness Rock Record
Genre: Indie rock
Year: 2010

Most romantic lyric: Honestly, the whole track. Grade A songwriting.


Artist: The Cure
Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Genre: Goth rock, new wave
Year: 1987

Most romantic lyric: "You / Soft and only / You / Lost and lonely / You / Just like heaven"


Did I forget your favorites? Reach out via IG DM and send your recommendations my way. If approved, they'll be added to this post!