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Christmas Time is Buzzing in My Skull: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

A black, red, and white Christmas-themed banner, featuring products from Glam Goth Beauty, Goat Witch Goods, The Buried Witch, and TABOO.

It’s 5 days until Christmas! Is it just me, or is that extremely hard to believe? Between preparing Collection VI, navigating the supply chain crisis, stressing over another potential lockdown (y’all...please get your vaccines if you haven’t already), AND traveling back & forth between Atlanta and ToS’s new location (more on that later), Christmas has been the last thing on my mind. I’ve spoken to many people who feel the same way, and it’s been bumming me out! To combat these winter blues, I’ve been watching my favorite holiday flicks, blasting my fave Christmas playlists, and spending time with loved ones. 

Speaking of spending time with loved ones...let’s talk gifts. Not to toot my own horn, but I am an EXCELLENT gift giver. Excellent as in “known as the best gift giver in my family” excellent.  If you mention that you wanted an obscure 70’s vinyl 8 months ago, I will store it in my brain, secure it, and guess what will be waiting under the tree for you on December 25th? That exact vinyl. I love giving presents, and I especially love giving gifts that I’ve purchased from POC-owned small businesses. Supporting POC is always at the forefront of my mind, but even more so during the holidays, when most people are buying their Christmas hauls from Amazon and the like. This season, instead of supporting megalomaniac billionaires, how about supporting some incredibly talented goth/alt POC? 

Here are 4 fantastic goth/alt POC-owned brands, all with products that will undoubtedly make you the best gift giver among your family & friends!

1. The Buried Witch

Founded by Latin couple Angelica & Josh Rodriguez, The Buried Witch is an online consignment shop featuring macabre antiques and oddities. Their wares include Victorian-era photos, religious memorabilia, and gothic literature, and you can easily spend hours browsing through their products (I know this because I have). Every item is one-of-a-kind, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. As of today, I have my eye on their Vintage Electric Oil Parlor Lamp Red Glass Shade and Single Display Hand. They take special shipping requests, and welcome any questions or concerns that you may have before you make a purchase, so feel free to reach out if you need any help. I cannot wait to decorate my new home with some of their pieces!

2. Goat Witch Goods

On the prowl for a pair of Hellraiser booty shorts? How about a David Lynch tee to pair with your Project Pat tote? Well, not only are you an incredibly eclectic person, but you’re in luck! Created by Sade Preston, Goat Witch Goods is a modern, stylish alternative brand that offers everything from sweatshirts to wet specimens. GWG and ToS take a lot of inspiration from the same sources, so if you’re a fan of my aesthetic, you will undoubtedly be a fan of her’s! As for the perfect present, you cannot go wrong with the Metamorphosis Tee or the 3 of Swords Tote


One of my favorite makeup trends that has blown up in the past few years is graphic liner. It’s sleek, eye-catching, and allows you to express your creativity in a way that reads chic, not childish. If your loved one feels the same way, then you have to get them a TABOO LINER! Founded by Vietnamese non-binary artist Sandy Taboo, TABOO offers the most gorgeous, bold liquid liners that I’ve come across. They’re vegan & cruelty free, don’t budge, and come in a variety of fun colors, including pink and green. My favorites are the Demonic Red (love the name) and the Orange Magma, but all of them are equally beautiful. 

4. Glam Goth Beauty

If you haven’t heard about Glam Goth Beauty by now, where have you been? Created by Michelle Oblitey (a.k.a. Marley), GGB is a black-owned beauty brand that features stunning glitter diamond shadows (made with cosmetic grade glitter), long-lasting lipsticks, and dark, moody palettes. Now available at retailers such as Foxblood and Hot Topic (!!!), GGB is the ultimate one stop shop for any & all makeup aficionados. If you’re overwhelmed by the vast assortment of goodies, I recommend the Glamourween Glitter Set or the Death of Venus lipstick. 

Now, go forth and make Santa jealous with your perfect picks! Your loved ones will thank you, I promise.

- Anya

P.S. If you’re still trying to guess where ToS is moving, I’ll give you a hint:

I’ll be able to visit a Buc-ee’s for the first time!